Ok, so I've been getting e-mails from friends this week, and I must be honest.  Some were really scared I was out in the jungle here in the Southern Philippines working with some indigenous people, well….not exactly true.

The people that were here were all multi-national Hong Kong Ex-Pat type people.  Each year, my friend from Hong Kong puts together a retreat called VWAP.  (Vacation With a Purpose)  Basically VWAP is a time during the Chinese new year, when everything shuts down in Hong Kong, and these families all take a holiday for a week somewhere in the world.  This group actually decided they wanted to go to a wonderfully beautiful place, but they wanted there to be a portion of the trip to be meaningful.  Often times they have sessions to discuss global poverty, spiritual responsibility, or apologetics. 

So while the adults are doing their sessions, I'm usually helping the teenagers. 

The reason I explain all this, is because, well, this is what it looks like….


This is actually the place I went on a camp out with all the teens the other night.  We slept out under the stars, and watched a movie with a generator powering an LCD projector. 


This is the D-Man standing outside the place where we stayed.

So in all honesty and transparency, it wasn't like we were suffering at all.

We were working with teenagers that were loving learning about Jesus, the principles of worldview, and how they're faith can grow back in the city. 

All in all, it was AWESOME!!!

We've got some really neat plans with this place in the future.  Stay tuned…maybe a family retreat??  Anyone interested?

Thanks for praying.  It's midnight in Manila, and we have to get up early tomorrow to start the long trek home. 

We'll get on the plane at 9:40AM Monday, and get home at 6:40PM Monday after flying for 24 hours straight. 

Still looking for the prayers. 

God bless!!!

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