I just told Jamie, and am quite serious, there's nothing like Jet – Lag sleep.  You just never know when it's going to come over you.  So my whole family is sleeping, and I'm finding it hard to not go run a few laps around our place here.  It's technically 900pm, but my body thinks its 700am.  So i thought I'd just write about a few experiences. 

Yesterday I finished the book by my good friend Bishop John, of Rwanda.  If you haven't had time to check it out, I think the whole title is THE BISHOP Of RWANDA, and it outlines a horrid time during the '94 genocide. 

I had a chance to hang with the Bishop a few weeks ago, and we had a tremendous time of fellowship.  He's got  such a sweet sense of wisdom wrapped around him, and it was a joy to hear from a man who's been through the most wicked parts of the world, and is continuing to develop ministries all over the countryside of Rwanda and the surrounding countries.  His love for people is second to nothing else, and you can read it in his eyes.

My take away from time with the Bishop is, we've got to be more intentional to teach our students about global events.  I know we take a stab at it through our high schools and colleges, but we need to create an experiential learning environment, whereby students might be able to start connecting with peers around the globe. 

We need to raise up a generation of students able to identify the needs of their global neighbors, rather than worrying about the origin of their next video gaming system. 

I'm excited to be in Asia for the moment, but I'm more excited as I explore the potential relationships that might be formed in the years to come. Who knows?  We might become a summer camp who trains people to go around the globe.  Wouldn't that be cool, to create an environment where we could begin investing in international leaders of the future. 

Lot's to think about. 

Until the next time I can't sleep….

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