Another fun thing about Jet Lag is, when you travel with 6 kids and you think you've got it all planned out to help them adjust, there's always one that decides they want to do it their way.  So this time, it's Gabby.  HA!

I'm deep in JetLag sleep tonight, when I get a swift kick in the back, then a little afro on my face, and finally a sweet whisper in my ear, "Daaaadddiieee?"   She says.

Well, as to not wake up the rest of the brood, we decided to take a walk under the midnight sky.  Ok, it's really like 330 in the morning, but who cares.  Our bodies are going to be adjusting for the next several days.  So when we're up…we're up.

I'm walking down the boardwalk, looking up in the sky, and I'm just overwhelmed. 

When the Bible says, "The heavens declare the glory of God" it is no understatement. 

Here in the South Pacific, the stars in the sky must number in the billions, and the strangest looking formations shine bright in the night.  I can hear the ocean crashing, and the ominous sounds of nightlife in the jungle, but really; I'm just focused on my little girl trying to run/walk without falling. 

It just got me thinking again….

Have you ever thought about the God of creation, able to hurl all the stars in the sky in one fail swoop, walking along side you?

I don't mean to be too strange here, but this vision of the sky coupled with my intentional protection for my little girl kind of collided this fusion of experience, and I just started to say thanks. 

Thanks be to the God of heaven and earth with all the power to create the cosmos.
Thanks to God for the sweet adventure of life he's given those of us on the planet today.
Thanks for the ever present watching over, as we try to run/walk through a dangerous world.
Thanks for caring about me.
Thanks for caring for us.

I gotta go, she's running again. 

Until next time.

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