Mr. President, today we pray to the God of the Universe, the One who created all Things, and in Whom all things hold together.  We pray to Him who gave us life, and who is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end.  We pray to Him who loves the world so much, He gave His only Son to die on a lonely cross, that we might have life apart from sin.  Today, we pray for you.

We pray for wisdom to shroud you in all circumstances.
We pray for compassion to be about you.
We pray for strength to accompany you along the way. 
We pray for your transition to the White House, and your family.
We Lift up your first days in office. 

We pray that the God of heaven show you the priorities of the nation, and of the world.
We pray that you be the beacon of hope you spoke of in the months preceding.
We pray for a perception of those who have no voice.  We pray you would hear theirs.
We pray for your economic advisers in a tumultuous business environment.
We pray for your decisions that effect the protection of the innocent.

To Him who is Above all

In Jesus Name.


Mr. President.  Today, I will fast for you and lift your name up. 

And for those of you who are interested in changing America, I found a few people who have already decided to commit to the president.  Some commitments are small, and might seem a little silly; but if we're going to become a nation fueled by the togetherness of it's people, well, you decide…

MySpace Celebrity and Katalyst present The Presidential Pledge

Let me know what you think

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