Here's another letter from a student that's been with us, another reason you should come on out and join us…..

So I just wanted to thank you for what you do at kanakuk. a few years
back kanakuk changed my life . I never knew what it meant to be a
Christian and I was far off doing my own thing not even thinking about
my walk with Christ. Kanakuk changed this, and its the people like you
who put me on my track as a Christian. It was cross talk at k-7 my 1st
year at kamp about 4 summers ago that changed me. just going to a kamp
where you have counselors who are so strong in their walks and are the
best role models anyone could find. Thats one of the greatest parts the
counselors who are at the perfect age that they can relate perfectly to
us they just went through what we are going through and they understand
the everyday struggles and they are there to love on us and encourage
us in our walks with Christ.

you can be
yourself and not have to worry about what others think. everyone loves
you for who you are and is so uplifting and caring. one of my favorite
experiences at
The best part about kanakuk is
what you talked about last summer the community. At kanakukkamp last summer was when i went on the horseback trip
our campsite was right on the river and I got to sit on the river with
Molly V and just talk. we got to talk about life and religion and
family and everything its was just amazing to have so many people you
can relate to.

Another amazing moment was with my cabin we
were doing one of our nightly deovs and our counselor was reading a
poem to us while we stood on our cabin balcony looking out at the stars
in amazement at Gods beautiful creation and just sharing the moment
together as a cabin,

that is truly what community is being able to
come together and talk about daily struggles but also being able to
come together and worship the almighty God.

everyone at kamp is
just so encouraging and happy to see you and hear your struggles and
hear what going on with your life, that is what i love about kanakuk.

kanakuk changed my life and i just wanted to thank you for what you do!

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