It's been really interesting to watch the the student's response to the world view teaching I do around the globe.  Often I wonder….

Are they getting it?
Is this the best way to proliferate a thinking movement?
At the end of the day, is this the best way I can spend my time?

Well, today I got another wonderful note,  one of hundreds, from a student that "gets it."

It may have taken me 10 years of camp before i finally learned to fight
through the post camp high and keep my love for God burning past a
couple months, but it has finally happened! I am in February and still
living my life for God completely. I have learned how much better and
more beneficial it is to just stay away from parties, to stay away from
the gentlemen who don't know God's picture of a relationship, and just
trust him in everything i do. There have been nights where i just cry
because i don't know how to make it through the next day or i don't know
how to show my friends my new life and i just feel lonely while they go
out. But in th end i have seen the rewards. Just by living out my faith
as we learned in institute and going out and making it a point to do
loving actions and help people i believe i have shown my faith to more
people than ever before and helped more people to God. One of my best
friends now doesn't just "play church" but really knows what it is to be
a Christian and I love when people ask about my faith just tonight i
had the opportunity to hash it out and talk about why i love it and
that i am always there for this person. IT IS AMAZING TO FINALLY BE
thank you for being a part of my battle to get to this point and
praying for me all the times i needed to… God pulled through as
always. Just one thing…. when were in institute you always tell us the
history of the Bible and how it can be misinterpreted. Like why it is
the bible says to be hot or cold but not Luke warm or why it says to
take the extra step over a mile because thats how slaves got their
freedom or the slapping with the back of the hand. I find it really
interesting and i would like to find a book that just talked about that
stuff if you have any ideas. Sorry so long just wanted to repost to you
and let you know what was going on.
God Bless thank you for all you do,

And that's why I do what I do.

Let me know what you think

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