T.G.I.F. right?

Well, today we had some great encouragement for the LIVE radio show.  I talked to several folks today who were thinking that it's the next way to communicate.  Can you imagine?  If we could create an online community of people who would give ideas, discuss the hardest parts of the faith, or have people just share issues we could help live life with; wouldn't that be a place you would spend online?

After yesterday, I'm convinced we'll take a closer look at it, and try to make it a regular occurrence. 

Thanks for tuning in here at THE JOURNEY. 

I'm off to Arizona Tomorrow, and then to D.C.  I have some incredible things to share from those destinations.  So keep tuning in.  And, thanks for making this a place where Real people can live life together searching for Real truth.

Let me know what you think

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