So I was sitting here trying to think what to write for the 599th post of my blog lifetime, and didn't really have anything to say.  Imagine that.  Here I am with nothing to say! I know it doesn't happen very often, but Geez…I can't be an author an have nothing to say.  

Then I walked down the hall.

The cool thing about working in our ministry is, there are real people doing the real work behind the scenes.  Real people are here pounding away at the summer camping business.  

They have real jobs. 
They have real lives. 
They have real pains. 
They're just Great REAL people.

So, I'm walking down the hall, talking about Christmas, when the topic of "So, how's your family" comes up.  I stopped, sighed, and then just answered honestly, 'It just seems like theres ALWAYS something."  

"You know, so and so slapped so and so. 
Then so and so wants something from the other one. 
Then, it's time to eat, time to do homework, time to sleep. 
Can you ever manage this thing called family?" 

Then my buddy says, "I think there comes a time where you just stop waiting for something to come down the pike, and just stop to enjoy each moment."


Ever so true today for me. 

Stop waiting for something to happen, and enjoy the moment. 

Enjoy each phase. 
Enjoy each nuance. 
Enjoy each smile, each fight, each laugh, each hug. 

Ok, I'm gonna stop being sappy, and just enjoy the now!

Let me know what you think

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