This is one of our K-Colorado Kampers from 2008.  Thought you guys might enjoy reading what she was writing. 

and this is what i was writing……
there is this place on this
earth called kanakuk colorado and there is no other place like it. it
is the only place on earth where you have the chance to meet such
amazing people. its th only place where you can truely be yourself. and
where you can learn and grow in only a short amount of time its the one
place where being original helps you to fit in. you have to chance to
become friends with the coolest people ever and to grow bonds like you
never knew you could have, its where you meet friends you will keep for
the rest of your life and where you can first truely learn and
understand what it means to love someone, its the place you go to just
let yourself go, to be vulnerable and yet still be accepted. its the
place you go to get help and to help others as well. where god speaks
to you through others lips and where you can see him no matter where
you are. its where everyone is on there best behavior and the men treat
the girls like ………goddesses its where life is as it should be… its the place where
you can dance with your friends get the worst sunburn of your life fall
in rocks, wipe out on a wakeboard maybe break a bone and still have the
best time of your life… its where you learn how to shred the gnar and
meet the people you will never let go of for the rest of your
life……its where i met my three best friends that i will always
love….forever… its kanakuk colorado!

It's a breath of fresh air, when you see teenagers that are catching the vision. 

Hope you can join us in 2009.  It's going to be a WILD RIDE!!


  1. That’s a great image of camp as well as a joy and a reminder for myself to read coming from a camper.I also noticed the dock was mentioned twice in that letter. Way to go girl. Now about some new boats for the best specialty…

  2. That is awesome!!! That is exactly the same feeling I have and i describe kamp the same way! I am so thankful for this place!

  3. love it! thats exactly how I think of k-co!…the greatest place on earth where you can be yourself and still be loved, and you dont have to worry about what others think. everyone loves you for who you are and lifts you up! that right there is exactly how christians should act!
    can’t wait for next summer!

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