As 2008 comes to a close, many people find themselves tip toeing into uncertainty in 2009.  The top stories of the year included political fraud, economic disaster, violence around the globe, and an overall cloud of criticism.  Let's just say for most, 2008 wasn't exactly what they thought it was going to be last year at this time. 

You know, no matter how bad 2008 was, the greatest part of a New Year's celebration is the idea of the "do-over." 

I Remember back when we used to play whiffle ball in the back yard?  We took the plastic baseball and the long skinny yellow bat to re-create baseball games we watched on television.  We had the whole neighborhood in the line up, and I can remember some epic world series battles right there at the end of the col de sac.

One of the rules of whiffle ball was, if you had a bad play, you had 2 chances per game to call "do-over."  A Do Over was just what it sounds like.  If a player yielded the famous phrase, the whole team had to go back to where they were before the play began, and they just started over again. 

It was almost as if you could literally turn back the clock of time and do the exact play over again hopeful for a better result.  So if you hit the ball foul, missed a crucial catch in the outfield, pitched a ball where the batter cranked a home run, no worries, everyone had the chance of the "do-over."

Well, let's look into the long sad face of 2008, and just call out loud together "do-over." 

2009 is on the way, and even though there are some things that can't be done over again, we have the opportunity to "do over" our attitudes toward life. 

In fact, Jamie and I started last night.  We just sat at dinner talking about dreams, and what we want to accomplish before our lives are over.  We started the crucial step of "forgetting what is behind, and moving on to what is ahead." 

Won't you join us?

I tell you what…in an all out effort to begin the movement here on this blog.  Let's start by just leaving a few dreams right here for all to see.  So, if you feel so compelled, just click on the comment section down there below, and let's keep a blogroll of ideas for dreams in this new year.  What is your "do over" gonna look like?


  1. I need as many do-overs as I can get.
    I guess I wish I would do my best in everything instead of just letting everything slide by. That would make the year different for me.

  2. i dream that the world sees a better picture of Jesus in 2009. One where Jesus followers balance well their love for God and neighbor. Where we tackle the tough teachings of Jesus and love our enemies, pursue justice, speak out for the poor, and tell others boldly of the beauty of our Savior.

  3. My do-over is that I can really get serious about everything I want to accomplish. From getting closer to the one and only awesome Jesus to stop this stupid thing that has been dragging me down for almost six years…

  4. My dream is to finally figure out what God wants me to do with my career. I need to step back and let him lead, instead of steaming ahead and expecting Him to bless it afterwards.
    My dream is to grow closer to old friends, make new ones, and be a better friend to both groups.
    My dream is to be more open to what God has for me, to listen before I move, instead of tapping my foot, waiting for God to catch up.
    My dream is to be a light, instead of looking to others to be the light for me.
    My dream is, knowing that God is the author of my faith, to allow Him to be the finisher as well.

  5. Sometimes, in the course of life, i simply forget to acknowledge that Jesus is part and parcel of my life. A strong tendency develops to depend on my own skills rather than letting HIM in the situation. I look forward to a year, where in all my circumstances Jesus be my guide and to enchance the bond I have with HIM.

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