Ok, before all you critics start writing let's get on the same page.  Teenagers having sex is a MAJOR issue.  Not only are we seeing pregnancies that are adding to the abortion debate, diseases that teens have to deal with for a lifetime, and the guilt associated with marriage counseling in the future; the bigger issue is the fact that God's intention for sexual relationships has been hijacked. 

Somewhere between a culture of hedonism, and a background of extremism (i.e. the extreme middle eastern ways of keeping girls virgins is akin to barbarism) we need to re-think this one.  We've either allowed too much hedonism to invade our own world view, or we've pushed kids away with our extreme ex-communication ideas of piety; and they're falling into a very dangerous place.  Our future culture is dependent we get this one right.

Traditionally, as a people of faith; we hold "True Love Waits" rallies around valentine's day.  Or, we encourage kids to "Kiss Dating Goodbye." Both of which have had minimal success in curbing the sanctity of intimate relationships, and neither help the issue.  A report released yesterday claims that Virginity Pledges DON'T WORK

I know it's anti-thetical to the way we are doing ministry, and for sure we're not going to stop calling for abstinence; but I wonder…is it time we step back and re-evaluate and revolutionize this ever growing problem. 

My take is, spirituality is something that must be taught as an all encompassing way of living. If we teach students the pillars of the faith, (the fact God is God, His Son Jesus came to give Life, and the Holy Spirit is alive and well in the world today) then we help students create a whole world view about life in light of God's intention.  It's much harder to engage in things God isn't involved in when we see it as an everyday religion, rather than a "Sunday-Wednesday-Sunday" type faith.  We must re-ignite the necessity of a people that hold to belief systems where God is at the center.

I think somehow, we've allowed spiritism to be compartmentalized and teens have a chance to pull out the God of the Bureau whenever they want, but the fact is; God is always near.  He's not waiting to punish those who choose to live life differently; He's longing to collide with us in the world and provide a way of forgiveness and reconciliation. 

That's why, at Kanakuk Colorado, we help teens think through these issues so they can live a whole life increasing in wisdom, stature, and favor with both God and Man. (Luke 2:52)

But I suppose the facts remain the same.  God gave Adam and Eve a choice, and they had the opportunity to obey or reject His commandments.  I hurt for the teens that make decisions that change their lives so dramatically.  And I will continue to be a sanctuary for those who make mistakes.  For His Love Endures Forever.

May we be a people ok with examining the ways we do things, and try to make them more effective.
May we pray for our future.
May we help teenagers see the weight of their decisions.
May we love those who make mistakes.
May we Show God's Love to All.


  1. …there you go again
    …being such a true and honest reflection of Jesus
    …love C.S. Lewis statement that we are all to be “little Christs” in how we follow Jesus into His world and do His work in His name
    …I agree with Luke: “And I will continue to be a sanctuary for those who make mistakes.”
    …daily more thankful for all you and your bride are about
    …eager to talk when you get home next week
    …prayers continuing!

  2. The message that it is GOD that must be the center of our lives is so needed….
    keep preaching it! You’re swimming upstream but you’re going in the right direction!
    (How did you get so wise? Must be those good genes!)

  3. After I read the article I was really frustrated about the way the system works in so many places, then I remembered what we are doing at kamp. That place is a sanctuary, and it is also a place in which a life encompassing worldview can begin to take shape.

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