I was on my daily news cruise this morning, and found a wonderful "Merry Christmas" type article.  Evidently a group of archaeologists in Jerusalem uncovered a batch of coins dating back to the 7th century. 

Now I know to the casual observer that only seems like Jack Sparrow Pirate Loot, but to those of us continuing to build the case for the validity of the Bible, it's another arrow in the Quiver. 

These coins evidently were minted in the day of Emperor Heraclius of the Byzantine empire dating back to 610-640 A.D.  And, of course, since everyone knows about Heraclius right? (ok, I must admit, it didn't seem all that impressing when I read it the first time either.)

But when you look at the coins, you can see Heraclius holding a cross in his right hand and on the other side there is an image of a cross as well.  I find this very peculiar. 

It's a wonderful argument for my friends that claim Jesus wasn't a real person.  For if Jesus wasn't a real person, why in the world would a Byzantine emperor carry a cross into battle?  What is the significance of the cross?  It would be like someone carrying an image of an electric chair into battle today.  It doesn't make any sense, unless….

Unless there was some kind of event that carried with it some kind of power.
Unless there was something that happened that allowed the image of capital punishment to carry with it an image of conquering.
Unless there was a central theme of the day about a certain figure that happened to be crucified?  hmmmmmmm…..??????

I won't patronize any longer. 

The point here is, Jesus' crucifixion was such a centerpiece of historical change, it's unintelligible to remove him from any sort of reference point of history.  Whether it's the critics trying to downplay the B.C. – A.D. transition, or the Jesus seminar people who are trying to cut him out of the Bible; the event where Jesus came to die on the cross is not only life changing, it's historically a global changer.  It happened!  And, here is another little window of light into the importance of the Cross, and all around the Christmas time 2008.  Go figure! 

May we continue to worship the king of kings. 
May we continue to dwell in His life changing History.
May we become a people who are dedicated to His Cause. 

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