The news is chalked full of great stuff this morning.  From the genocidal mastermind of Rwanda's massacre in 1994 finally facing justice, to the shoulder tap of Pastor Rick Warren to perform the Inaugural address for Barak Obama, the world is certainly spinning crazy today. 

On one of my daily news stops I found this picture, and thought it spoke of something way more metaphysical than some of the others. 

This is the scene outside of one of the prisons in Afghanistan.  Razor wire surrounding the most dangerous people of the city, and birds.  Birds flying freely between the razors with no care of what's going on inside the prison. 

When I saw this my heart lept with "That's it!!" Freedom wound around the images of prison.  The prisons of the world stand for justice and judgment, which I believe is rightfully necessary.  However, the images of prison also speak of chains, bars, small rooms, and the death of freedoms. 

We all live in prisons of sorts.  We all have bars and chains, small rooms and oppressive guards in our lives.  We might not be convicted of any crime, but we certainly live in a world where we can find ourselves inside our own prisons. 

How many of us look at the prison walls of our lives, mainly constructed of guilt, sin, grief, and doubt, and feel defeated.  We feel like there's no way out, or the improbability of life's changing any time soon leads to a spirit of depression.  All the while, there are these little pictures of freedom that can lift our spirit to new levels. 

In the Bible, Jesus said, "The Thief comes to steal kill and destroy, but I have come that they might have life, and life more abundantly." (John 10:10) 

Jesus wasn't trying to say you're going to drive a BMW if you follow me.  He was helping us see the birds among the razor wire of our lives.  The word, life, is ZOE in Greek, and it refers to the life of the spirit.  ZOE is opposed to the word "BIOS" which means a physical life principle, and that's where we get our word biology. 

So Jesus was saying, I have come to cut the razor wires of prison that cause your spirit to be defeated, and I want to show you how to fly out like the birds.  Isn't that awesome!!  Jesus entered in the world for the most massive Jail break of all time.  For we were all guilty of sin (Rm. 3:23) and we all deserved death (Rm 6:23), but God in His ultimate Grace gave us the ability to fly free. 

In these economic hard times, I know we all need a little dose of freedom encouragement.  As homes are being lost by the day, and employment lines are growing long; remember, the only part of life able to free us from the chains of the world is Jesus. 

May we follow with passionate intentionality today.
May we focus on freedom today, rather than the chains of life.
May we see the purpose of the gospel, rather than the circumstances of the world.

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  1. Love the picture…but I actually wanted to ask you about the Rwanda sentencing today. Andy do you think his sentence was to light? I mean come on, he’s responsible for 800,000 deaths. Just curious to what you thought. Maybe I’m being too harsh but I’ve life sentences handed to other guys who have only killed one person. Something to think about and debate I guess.

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