It was one of the world's worst examples of brutal evil.  In 1994 over 800,000 Rwandans were slaughtered in a conflict surrounding pure ethnic cleansing.

Today, a High court has found that Theoneste Bagosora guilty of murder, conspiracy, and the brutal killings of thousands. 

The reason we find this a significant story today on, is because the Braners engaged in an adoption process over 3 years ago.  In Nov. 2007, Gabriella Irigabiza Braner joined the family, and since she is a native of Rwanda, the Braners have been on a fast track history lesson of the country for their daughter's sake. 

They have also decided to pursue another adoption in Rwanda, and are waiting to hear from the minister of family and gender living in Kigali. 

All that to say, with hearts as big as the world, and a vision to see orphans of this massacre come to know what true family can be, the Braner's have started a retail company to begin helping like minded families afford the cost of adoption both domestically and internationally.  Upon hearing the news today, their company, AnNi designs is featuring a Red or White T-Shirt commemorating the celebration of a tiny African country on the road to peace and reconciliation. 

Rwandared  Rwandawhite 

Your purchase will go to helping families who are engaged in the adoption process.  Join the Braners as we help lend a helping hand to the orphan problem in countries like Rwanda.  Go ahead and click on the picture of the T-shirt above, and you will be re-directed to the AnNi Designs web store.


God bless you today as we are all trying to live our faith out in the real world.  (James 1:27) "Pure and undefiled religion is this, that you take care of the widows and orphans in their distress; and that you remain unstained from the world."

Thank you.


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