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It's not like I have much time, or really have many lights to put up, but after the poll here at, I decided to stick with the White Lights. 

Over 60% of you voted on the poll there on the right sidebar, and my wife is happy you guys chose to keep it clean and classy with the uniform selection of illumination.

So, it's time for a new poll.  I'd love to hear what you guys are going to do for Christmas.  Go ahead and weigh in with your plans for the upcoming holiday. 

God bless today, and I hope you have a Great Tuesday!!

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  1. My mom decided we should do gifts of service and just stockings instead of regular presents this year. This was met with the predictable retching and groaning at first, but later we decided that was alright. My mom’s a massage therapist, so we’re getting massages. We also go around in a circle and say what we love about everyone in the room before we open our stockings. We do that every year. It takes long, but it’s nice.
    No lights, we’re too lazy. But we like the white ones too.

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