_45273285_humba300gorilla When we ventured into the adoption world of Rwanda, it was brought to our attention that this little tiny country in Africa is the part of the world home to the Infamous Mountain Gorilla. 

On my daily media blitz, it's interesting to see CNN and the BBC are doing specials on the health and viability of these Gorilla communities.

It's interesting, there are only three places on the planet where the Mountain Gorillas live in community. Rwanda, Uganda, and the forest that stretches between the Congo and Rwanda.  Unfortunately the civil war of the Congo is having a negative effect on these beautiful animals, and there are only 7-800 mountain gorillas left in the wild. 

So, as I was reading all these articles this morning on the potential extermination of the mountain gorilla, and I was just thinking about what else is going extinct in our world?

We're so concerned about the obscure gorillas in a forest, but I wonder how concerned we are about the extinction of certain moral values we've watched fade away in recent years?

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not into fear religion, or holding on to things that might need to fade into the annuls of history, after all, this is the "re-imagination of the Christian worldview."  (which, by the way, has little to do with re-defining morals and values and more to do with helping a Godless society rediscover truth.), but there are some things changing in our religious scope today.

The current statistics of students leaving the church is at an alarming rate.  80%  of high school students, raised in Christian homes, are rejecting their faith by their first year in college.  80%?  It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that's a huge attrition rate. And Why?  Why are all these kids deciding to leave the Christian faith?

I watched all the attention paid to the mountain animals today, and noticed the drastic effect of their communities as the warriors, poachers, and merchants just ride in and start massacring these wonderfully beautiful animals.  And I saw it clear.

I saw the students going off to the university classes unable to defend what they know.  In fact, in many cases the problem is, they don't KNOW what they know. They just aimlessly walk into the classroom hoping for an unbiased education, and they walk out of the classroom subject to agenda revisionist type teaching.

It was sad this morning to learn about the gorilla.  Of course if breaks my heart when I hear of teenagers getting worked over by an unruly professor, But overall I was re-assured that we here at Kanakuk Colorado are doing good work.  Just like the Diane Fossey people helping the viability of the Mountain Gorillas in a war torn area, we here at Kanakuk Colorado are fending off the warriors willing to fight the mind war with student, and we're helping teenagers survive. 

There are students from our place who are growing in their faith, living in communities of like-minded people, and reaching out to the world around them.  Even though the stats are high in church attrition, there are pockets of success around the country and sanctuaries that are equipping students to survive the culture wars at the university level.

We'll keep working as long as we can. 
Thanks for believing in the ministry here. 

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  1. Hey Braner I have a connection here in Denver with the family that is working to save the gorillas in Rwanda. They want to meet with all of the kids going to Rwanda in the spring to talk to them more about the country and the gorillas…thought you’d find that interesting.

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