Yesterday was one of the funniest afternoons, I've had in a long time. 

After a hard day at the office, I walked in the house to just sit and spend time with the family.  The kids were off in their little corners playing with star wars figures, legos, and video games, and Jamie was sitting on the famous "Green Chairs." 

We had about 5 minutes of un-interrupted talk, when one of the oldest came in with his Christmas list.  "I can't wait to open presents at Christmas."  To which both of us just rolled our eyes.  It's really hard to teach kids about the real meaning of Christmas when everyone is vying for our money, and gifts, and all the traditional stuff.  (but that's a different story.)

So a couple of minutes into "what am I getting for Christmas" the 4 year old walks in and is kind of moaning and crying a bit.  He tries to mumble something in that awful 4 year old "someone hurt me/so you need to pay attention to me" voice, and instead of giving sympathy I said, "Buddy I can't hear you when you whine."

Well, he unloaded.  He told me of all the ways his brothers and sisters just wouldn't listen to him.  They weren't letting him play.  They were just walking away from the computer without showing him how to work it.  And so on….

Well it all came down to the fact that the 4 year old wanted to watch a video on YouTube, and the 10 year old said it was "inappropriate." (Kudos to the oldest)  But the 4 year old just couldn't understand why his brother wouldn't help him get to the video he wanted to watch. 

It was quite an ordeal.  Arguments starting to form.  Emotions starting to rise…

And then all of the sudden the four year old drops his voice into a "James Bond" type of sound, clinches his fingers into a fist, and says solemnly,  "that's it, I'm gonna punch you."

The 4 year old walks over to his brother,  and we intercede before the WWE breaks out in the living room, but I'm rollin on the ground laughing at this little kid who just looked up at his brother, and warned him of the onslaught about to happen as if it was just another day at the office.  HA!  I'm laughing just typing this. 

One thing I admire about our youngest son is his ability to be honest, no matter who's listening.  It's not that we are dishonest people walking around him, but there are sometimes we put on a face for people that come over, just to be nice.  Now I know there's a time and a place for brutal honesty, but it's refreshing when a 4 year old kid can look at his older brother and just be so mad it all comes down to "That's it, I'm gonna punch you."  

Don't you feel like that sometimes? 

Aren't there people in your life that you just want to say, "ENOUGH!  that's it…I'm gonna punch you."

I'm not advocating violence or retaliation in relationships, I'm just saying, sometimes we get so frustrated we just have to get it out. 

I was talking to a dear friend yesterday, and he told me of a conflict he was dealing with a few weeks ago.  He said he just went to his office, wrote a note on a piece of paper just kind of detailing all the frustration that he was feeling.  He sealed the note in a envelope, and then went on a long walk.  When he felt he'd prayed it all out, he took out a lighter, bent down on the road, and burned all those feelings and prayed, "God, I give this to you now." And He was finished with it.  There was no need to bring up useless accusations with another person.  He knew he had issues, and needed to take care of them. 

Isn't it wonderful we serve a God who is big enough to take those burdens, and give us a sense of peace and reconciliation for our brothers. 

The Holiday season is usually a stressful time. 
There WILL BE moments you want to just say "that's it, I'm gonna punch you." 

But rest assured, whether its the woman who takes your parking spot at the mall, the children screaming through the house, a husband who's just not living up to his end of the bargain, or a wife that just isn't connecting, God is still in control.  And He wants nothing more than to walk with you through life's hardest times.  Not so much so you can have companionship from God, as much as He wants us to recognize that only by His love, grace, and forgiveness, may his "will be done on earth as it is in heaven.' 

God bless you today!

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  1. great story man…really enjoyed it more since I know all the characters involved…any time D-Man wants someone to help him go rough somebody up…I’m sure Jack would love to tag along.

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