I really know very little about the annual pilgrimage to Mecca.  It's one of those five pillars Muslims live by, and each year I admire it from afar.  I guess we could liken this tradition to a Southern Baptist Convention, or a million man march or something; but I'm intrigued at the dedication millions of people have toward their faith. 

It's that time of year again.  The white robes signify the purity and peaceful way they seek to know Allah.  They pray with a whole spirit and a oneness of mind.  They dedicate the pilgrimage to understanding more about their founder, Mohammad, and Allah. 

I'm a devout Christian believer, and wish there were times when we could get together like this and devote our lives to one another in prayer and devotion.  Remember, just because we don't believe in a certain faith, doesn't mean we can't learn something from other faiths.  It doesn't mean I believe in universalism, just that it would be worth your time to read into this event that shapes the hearts and minds of a large portion of the earth's population.

Watch for more on the Hajj.  It's an intriguing study in religious thought, and a socio-religious migration second to none.


  1. Great point Andy, I agree. I think there are things we as Christians can learn from just about all the world’s religions. From the Muslims we can learn the concept of devotion, as opposed to convenience.

  2. I’m sorry, but I find nothing admirable in a false works-righteousness belief system. Is the Christian tradition/community so devoid of admirable examples of devotion that you have to highlight false systems, especially in regard to an event that you admit you “know very little about”? Since when has the Christian community been called to take its devotional cues from the world?
    If, in one hundred years, you were able to interview everyone in this photograph, what advice do you think that they would give concerning their previous appearance of devotion?

  3. Paul is correct in his statement “I find nothing admirable in a false works-righteousness belief system.”
    Your response to his objection is even more careless than the blog entry itself! And, why?
    The Muslim faith’s “devoted” followers swear the total annihilation of Jews worldwide and the folding of Israel’s land into an Islamic worldwide conquest.
    You need to seriously study up on the methods that Satan has used in the forms of religious practices that have enslaved nearly all our world in deception.
    Please, exercise better discernment before validating the “concept of devotion” exampled by Muslims – as opposed to convenience (I assume you mean casual Christianity).
    Keep studying and look up!

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