It's the end of another day here in Missouri, and there's a cold front moving through.  The sky is that dismal Grey color, and the cold mist of winter hits your face like razors.  "It's a beautiful day in the Ozarks" wasn't intended to capture much of today's weather, that's for sure.

So as I'm sitting in the office, trying to plan for new initiatives, execute the one's in place, and having wonderful conversations with staff and campers, I just opened up a picture folder and found a great sigh of relief from the cold, dark, daylight savings night here in Branson. 

My heart is longing to be here.  It's a picture of the backside of the boys cabins out at K-Colorado.  I can almost smell the pine trees, feel the sun on my skin, and know the work being done out there is something that will literally change the world. 

I can almost smell the grill all fired up and cooking those burgers for an evening meal. 
I can almost hear the laughter bouncing off the mountain walls.
I can almost sense the spirit moving in the hearts of the next generation of world changers.

And I've decided, it's time!

I know, I have to wait a few more months, but I can't wait to be back in the middle of what God is doing out in Durango Colorado.  It's such a wonderful place where people re-connect…

With new friends and old.
With the way life was meant to be lived.
And all centered around Loving God, and Loving Others.

Just a short trip down memory lane, but it's worth it this evening.

Hope you can join us for another blow out summer season.  I can't WAIT!!!

Let me know what you think

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