Ok, I finished the First installment of the Twilight series.  I purchased the book on Sunday, and finished it on Turkey Day. 

I must say, it's an interesting read.  There's not many vampire books I'm attracted to reading, and this one…well, I kept reading it to the end. 

I felt like the first 200 pages or so were really slow, but about the middle of the book it started picking up, and grabbed my attention a bit more. 

So for the story content…pretty good.

As far as why I think this is going to be a phenomenon…

Ms. Meyer has successfully captured the ultimate need in teenage dating relationships.  She's figured out how to articulate the way most teenage girls want to see their boyfriends.  Debonair, gentlemen like, respectful, and of course; they have to have a hot body!  So, I can totally see the infatuation with a return to relationships brushed with a tint of chivalry, while still having a sexual tension all too obvious.

My sadness is, there will be girls fantasizing over this relationship, looking for their own Edward out there.   And, although I know there are boys out there who are respectful, and want to honor a girl for being herself, sometimes the delusion of this ravage romance is hard to overcome in real life.   

There's no doubt there will be more in store for Edward and Bella.  The idea that fragile life can exist in tandem with a vicious "monster" who respects her humanity so much he fights the natural urges of his creation to enjoy her company is one that makes for bookshelves all through history. 

Overall, Twilight is this generations beauty and the beast, with a bit more adult content. 


  1. So true. I’ve read about ‘young married’ book clubs where the women wanted their husbands to read Twilight so they’d see what the wives really want in a man! I suppose it would be like a husband handing his wife a Playboy magazine to show her what he’d really like in a wife.
    I do think one of the biggest issues from these books is becoming obsessed with them and at the same time not realizing the complete unhealthiness of Bella’s and Edward’s relationship. In real life, he’d be a stalker and she’d need some serious work with her boundaries! Of course, most literary love stories would be unhealthy in real life.
    Personally, I loved the books…even more than my teen daughter!

  2. I’m glad to hear your point of view. Most adults that read it or see the movie have such huge problems with it. I can see why they don’t like it, and agree in some cases, but as a teen girl – even a teen christian – I’m very interested in the series. Mostly I’m just in it for the supernatural element, but the romance… at least, the concept of it, is a nice bonus. The book shouldn’t be taken seriously, I agree, but that’s what most teen girls are doing.
    I think it’s just a good story with some memorable characters and interesting takes on fantasy creatures. It well illustrates what a girl wants in a guy (I’m actually not so much a fan of Edward anymore), and the priorities that shape her way of thinking. And by that I mean that the book doesn’t elaborate on every single chapter of the textbook she has to read in school because, in the afternoon, that’s no longer a priority to her. Sorry – the psychology edge to me is coming out.
    Summary of large paragraph:
    It’s a good read to figure out the mind of a teen girl, and to have some good old imagination time with vampires and such. The franchise’s only flaw is that girls everywhere are suddenly taking this one random book to heart, and they really shouldn’t.

  3. I think the problem of it is that it gets the idea across that a man can be ultimate fullfillment and purpose. Bella and Edward often tell each other, you are my life, and in the last chapter Stephanie Meyer writes about the savior position. Bella shuts out the rest of the world for one supernatural relationship. Edward is denying his own nature to love Bella, which is interesting.

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