I woke up this morning to my usual routine.  Kids climbing in bed, coffee brewing in the machine, off I go to the news outlets.  I happened upon an article on cnn.com about Black Friday.

As always, I'm interested to see what trends are happening economically, and with our business environment the way it is, I thought this was a good indicator of things to come. 

I expected to see some gloomy news, but nothing like I read this morning.

Evidently, yesterday at the Long Island Walmart, a 34 year old man was trampled to death as he and his co-workers tried to open the doors at 5 a.m. for the holiday season.  People were lined up outside, they started their pilgrimage as early as Thursday afternoon, and they literally stormed the front door for the greatest deals.  And a man DIED!

Oh What have we become?

Is a 3 dollar discount more important than a man's life?
Has our consumerism, driven us to the point of trampling over someone in the middle of a crowded shopping center?

Another story revealed a shooting at a Toys R Us in Palm Desert California, where two men were arguing, and one pulled out a gun and shot the other?

May I ask once again?

Oh, what have we become?

Who has the leadership to speak into the culture of consumer driven neurosis? 

I got up from my morning news walk, heart sad, spirit wounded, we are all in need. 

Who have we become? 

Materialism has risen above life.  Not only just life in foreign countries where they make cheap goods and work in environments that would liken to the slavery of the civil war, no; right here at home.  In the comfortable entry way of our world's biggest corporation. 

Someone's brother died today.
Someone's Son passed away.
A funeral will be had for a part time employee.

All to be the first one to get a dumb little present that won't even be remembered in a month.

We are a sad people.

Let me know what you think

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