It's finally here.  After almost a year, we've been working on a website to make this company come to life.  And today, AnNi Designs is now open for business on the web.

A little history….

Three years ago, Jamie and I started an adoption journey with China.  We felt like, if we were to narrow our faith down, in terms of action, we needed to engage orphans and widows. (James 1:27)  It's the clearest part of scripture.  Religion that is pure and faultless is to care for the orphans and the widows. So, through a long drawn out process, we stepped up to the plate and decided to adopt a little girl from China.

Through a series of events only God could orchestrate, we ended up adopting from Rwanda, and our little Gabby came over to be a part of our family. 

But we noticed there were a lot of other families interested in adoption, but the expense is outrageous.

To adopt from China costs about 25K US dollars.
Russia @ 35K
Guatemala @ 25K
Africa @ 20K

It was just un-doable for most families in the phase of life willing to take orphans into their homes.  They were forced to take out loans, ask their friends to contribute, or just flat out pay the bill wondering if it might cause them to go bankrupt. And, Domestic adoption is no different. 

The cost of working through the foster system, and paying all the legal necessities is quite frankly….expensive.  I know it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  A mom and a dad who are willing to adopt a child ought to be able to just adopt a kid that doesn't have any relatives, but the system doesn't allow that to happen for free.

So we formed AnNi.

AnNi Designs is a clothing company with a mission.  We desire to create clothes that will reach out and help families that have a longing to help the orphan crisis around the world with cold hard cash.  We purchase the clothing, design it right here in our office, and started selling these t-shirts to students in hopes that someday we can formulate a business that would be able to write checks to people that wanted to invest in the future lives of children both here and abroad.

The first summer we launched the idea, we sold around 10K US worth of clothes in the summertime, and thought, "Hey, we might be on to something here." So the next summer we sold a little more.  And last week we wrote our first adoption check to a family here locally, and they're going to meet their new little girl in Ethiopia in January. 

Today, our hope is that we can continue to build on a business model that will eventually aid thousands of families who need economic assistance so the 143 million children around the world will have a chance to grow up in a family. 

It's a small company just starting out now, but eventually we hope to be a major player in the orphan disaster plaguing the US and Global stage. 

Well, it's finally up and running. is a place on the web that you can be confident to help real people in real adoption situations.

We are consulting adoption agencies around the world.
We're talking to fashion experts to create quality clothes.
And we've started empowering students all over the U.S. to go out and help the movement.

Just think…

If money is all it takes to give someone a home where they can experience loving families, quality education, quality health care, quality nutrition, then what's it worth that we might be a player on a major stage?  The clothes are a little more expensive, but the cause is so much greater than a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, or a coffee mug.  This is happening, and I can't believe God has allowed us to be involved in the movement.

If you're interested in adoption, we'd love to point you in the right direction.
If you're not in the phase of life to adopt, but you want to contribute to others needs; cruise on by the website. 
If you find something you like, GREAT!
If not, just keep coming back.  We've got some great ideas to spread this idea to communities all across the country in hopes that one day..

There would be 0 orphans on the planet. 

Won't you help?

May we be a people who creatively solve problems, instead of simply waiting on someone else.
May we live a life that lines up with the gospel.
May we share our lives with those who are out there wondering….

Where is my next meal coming from?
Who's gonna walk me down the aisle?
Will I ever be able to go to school?
Who really loves me?

The time is now.
The movement is on.
Let's do this thing, and show the world God's ultimate plan for adoption.

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