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Today begins the annual transmigration pattern ritual for those of us here in the U.S. to return back to our friends or family for the event we all know well as Thanksgiving.  It's already been a clogged mess on the road and in the airports, but tomorrow many Americans will wake up to family celebrations of reunion, some will enjoy the long weekend with friends, but there are some who will not be able to join with those they love.  And it's you all that I want to focus on today. 

Whether it's just too far to get home, or maybe too expensive, we want you to know that we care for you too.  It might be a lonely dorm room thanksgiving, or a far off land where you live, but we want you to know there's plenty of love to go round.

And for those who just don't have family on this holiday season, I hope and pray our loyal readers here will encounter you today.  I hope and pray that those who need some friends to laugh with this weekend, will be welcomed with open arms by believers who know he mission of Jesus' love and compassion surpasses any turkey on a long table today.  It's our honest care for each other, reaching out to those who might need a word of encouragement, an arm to hold tight, or a delightful invitation to join a family on this holiday; that continues to drive us in this hard world of uncertainty. 

We continue to be thankful.  Not just for the maze of and pumpkins that fill the cornucopia, or the turkey that sits in the middle of the table.  No, our true thankfulness here is for those relationships that we get to enjoy as we journey through life together. 

For, it is God's mercy and compassion on us all that raises our level of thankfulness to care for one another.

May we be a people who care for all people this holiday season, because it was God who cause thankfulness to rise in our hearts. 

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