It all started about a year ago.  Jamie Jo was in Africa for the first leg of the adoption process.  My bags were packed and I was getting ready to fly over to Kigali to help pick up Gabbie.  Well, all that changed. 

Dax got pneumonia, and the other two kids started coughing.  We called the grandparents, and they were all falling like flies to the common seasonal sickness. 

Well, that's when Mr. Mom kicked in.

I would wake up and get the kids ready for school. 
Clean the house
Do the Laundry
Find time to get a little work in
A little football in the yard with D-Man
Pick up after school
Off to gymnastics
Across town to soccer
Bathtime at night
Stories before bed
And then…..

A little quiet before we started it all up again early the next morning. 

Now know what you're thinking.  People do this all the time, why are you writing about this?

Well, my wife is one amazing woman.  She has the ability to do all that without even taking a breath.  When I get in and try to help, she looks at me like, "Are you serious?  You wouldn't survive a day on this schedule." 

Yea…I lasted about a week, and then I was calling in re-enforcements.  Mainly…The PS2.

While I did all the housework, I turned on the PS2 for the D-man to play the Lego star wars game.  It was awesome.  By the end of two weeks, he knew every character, what weapons they used, and what power they could use to finish the story.

We even went out to buy the movie trilogy, and he's officially addicted.  And when I say addicted, I'm not kidding…

He really thinks he's a Jedi now. He can name all the characters in the movies.  He can tell the story from beginning to end.  Sometimes he'll come to me when I'm working in my office and say, "So Dad, wanna talk about episode 3?"  HA!!!!


Anyway, today is the first annual star wars birthday party.  Yep!  That's right.  You can't come over to the house unless you're dressed up as some character in the movie.  HA!!!  So you know there are parents all over the neighborhood that are cursing our house right now.  We're setting the standard for birthday parties to be in 'character.'  HA!  I can't wait till some kid wants to do a Thomas the Train party, and all the moms have to come as locomotives.  HA!!!!!

As soon as we get the pics from today, I'll be sure to write about the stories. And..if you know the D-Man at all, they're going to be gut busting funny.

Ok, that's all I got for now.  Hope you have a great weekend.

May the Force Be With You. HA!

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