What a beautiful place.  I’m often asking the Lord, "Is this what heaven is going to look like, because I can’t imagine anything prettier?"

This is our Dining Hall and teaching facility.  The Dining Hall is where we feed 200 people three times a day, and the teaching facility has a 300 person capacity.  It’s almost finished, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to get in and see it up and running. 

It’s been an amazing Journey for me to watch this facility come to life.

Ten years ago, I had a dream to teach teenagers the REALIFE facts behind the Christian faith.  And for the last 10 years, my students have been sitting on the floor, patiently waiting for the day when they would have plush seats to sit on.  And God has done amazing things….

He brought all the right people to the donor list.
He mixed in just the right amount of faith where I could handle the pressure.
He used this journey to teach me about abiding in Jesus. 

Remember in John 15 when Jesus said, "Abide in me, and I will remain in you."?

Well, I learned that lesson well.  Abiding in Jesus is a pleasant longing to be with God.  It’s a place when you come to an understanding that He can function without you.  But…He’s allowed you and I to be a part of this world for a reason.  And this is mine…

I know there are bigger facilities. 
I know there are more modern places to worship
I know there are churches that rival some great halls of majesty

But this place is just right….for us.

We’ve still got a bit to go on our fund raising, but I’m sure the Lord is going to provide.  It’s been an amazing life lesson for me to just sit in God’s will and watch as He takes the lead on raising the money, bringing the right builders together, and allowing me to love what I’m doing.

This community of believers is sweet music to my soul.  It’s where I belong. 

Thanks for praying. 
Thanks for believing.
And…if you’re in the Durango area…come on by and I’d love to give you the grand tour. 

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  1. Andy, I was trying to figure out what that building was or if I was going crazy. Cool teaching facility building, I like it. I talked to Mark Stuart, (the leader singer of what used to be the band Audio Adrenaline) on Saturday, he said he kinda remembered me from K2 and I told him about K-Colorado. I said he should drop in and he said cool, which may mean yes or no….but anyways, the dining hall and everything looks so different, but I will never forget the fun times of cooking “cajun style” pancakes and the like at old K-CO. We will try to come visit you this summer or next!

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