Well, I’m off to England.

I know…I know…It seems like summer is just around the corner so why head off on another international trip when there’s so much to be done before summertime.

It’s such a long story…but the short of it is…I had an incredible meeting with Ravi Zacharias last January.  He has a  program at Oxford for Apologetical thinking.  And…I hear he’s working on some different ways to make this program available.

So my trusty friend Jarod and I will head over to Oxford for a little learning, and a lot of investigation. 
What are they doing?
How can we be involved?
Who’s who in apologetics today?

So I leave early in the morning, and come back in a week. 

I’ll try to take pictures, and get updates for you while we’re over there…but if it doesn’t work…Se La Vi…right?

If you’re a praying person…please pray for safety.  Please pray for all our questions to be answered.  Please pray this is a profitable trip away from the family.

I have some high expectations.  It is OXFORD after all…..

Thanks so much. 

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